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Substitute fuel sampling system - Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems

A critical eye for every sample! Analytical shredding systems for QA work are a fundamental preliminary component in the production of substitute fuels. With primary fuels and finite resources subject to continuous price increases, the significance of substitute fuels continues to rise unabated. For plant operators, this offers first-class potential and attractive prospects for the future. Businesses that buy in their substitute fuel from external suppliers are faced with two key analytical requirements before putting it to use: pollutant analysis and calorific analysis. To ensure the proper handling of these analyses, a sophisticated sampling system is required.

System criteria:

  • Representative sampling from primary sample quantity, generally 200–250 litres
  • Shredding of primary material from approx. 30 mm to the appropriate lab shredder particle size of approx. 5–8 mm
  • Homogenisation of the primary sample, to enable the representative sampling of the 1-litre lab sample
  • A high degree of process automation, to exclude human sources of error or manipulation
  • Automated return of sample waste to the stove feeder system
  • Reproducibility and documentation trail for the sampling process

To satisfy these requirements while ensuring optimum process reliability, you need a partner who possesses long-standing expertise and manufacturing proficiency.ERDWICH is that partner. Combining over 30 years of experience and the deployment of our proven single-shaft shredder, we have developed an automated, integrated system that sets new standards in the areas of sampling and process reliability. Let your project be fuelled by our passion! Utilise market-leading ERDWICH technology to ensure your success in the substitute fuels sector.