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Free exudates, such as meat juices, are one of the main problems within the primary packaging of fresh produce. SAF™ superabsorbent fibre is regulatory listed for use as an absorbent in food packaging and is already the basis for a portfolio of absorbent food pads that effectively lock away such liquids within their core.

Absorbent food pads often sit beneath the product on a tray and provide a highly efficient way of keeping meat, fish, poultry and a whole range of other perishable foodstuffs packaged in optimised conditions and ultimately fresher for longer. 

There are many benefits in using SAF™ technology as the absorbent component in such absorbent food/soaker. As a fibre, SAF™ has a very high core to surface area ratio delivering rapid absorption and as a result, SAF™ superabsorbent fabrics provide excellent fluid absorption and low re-wet levels, even with minimal dosing. Such fabrics can be cut and shapes as required into absorbent food pads.

SAF™ Food Packaging Superabsorbents – Fibres

  • FDA and EFSA listed as an absorbent in food packaging
  • Non-irritant and safe to handle
  • Very high core to surface area ratio and absorbs water and saline rapidly
  • Can be blended with a range of synthetic and natural fibres
  • Suitable for conversion by different routes, e.g. airlaid, hot air-through and carded thermo-bond
  • Reduce dusting and superabsorbent respirable particles during processing compared to powders and granules
  • No adhesive or multiple layering is required to fix the SAF™ fibres in place

SAF™ Food Packaging Superabsorbents – Fabrics

  • Provide excellent fluid absorption and low re-wet levels
  • Slower gel blocking due to even SAF™ fibre distribution
  • No grittiness or superabsorbent gel leaching 
  • Can be cut and shaped as required
  • Types of packaging applications
  • Fresh food
  • Frozen
  • Food pallet leakage sheets

A number of different SAF™ superabsorbent fabrics are available and bespoke materials can also be designed to meet specific requirements. Please click on the below links to learn more.