Surface mining Solution for dump water industry - Mining

Application: Pipe DN 200 made of HDPE. Part filled. Maximum discharge flow rate 1.5 l/s. Risk of formation of mineral deposits.

  • Detection of deposits from a groundwater well within a landfill site area for water balance detection
  • Accurate, long-term stable and low-maintenance measurement
  • Measurement shall be installed without major reconstruction measures in the proximity of an existing collector

  • Due to low flow volumes it was necessary to use weir measurement according to Thomson (V weir).
  • The non-contact ultrasonic measurement system Type NivuMaster is used to detect overflow height.
  • Collector trough and weir opening have been constructed to obtain the best possible accuracy.

  • Maintenance shall be reduced to regular visual inspections and occasional removal of incrustation building up.
  • Easy adaption to possible higher flow rates through exchangeable weir plates featuring greater angles.