Surface mining Solution for mine water flow measurement sector - Mining

Application: Rectangular concrete channel 2.5 x 1.5 m (w x h). Part filled. Pit water purification system of a brown coal surface mining plant. Medium with high solid contents (iron ochre).

  • Continuous volume measurement for subject-to-control hydraulic plant efficiency
  • Iron oxide (ochre) contained in the pit water shall not influence the measurement system
  • Redundant water level measurement

  • The planned expensive solution using a Venturi flume has been replaced by the cost-efficient and more accurate NivuFlow 750 measurement system.
  • Apart from flow measurement, the application has been equipped with 2 different level measurements to ensure redundancy. An air-ultrasonic as well as a water-ultrasonic sensor have been used.

  • Higher accuracy and measurement dynamics than the planned Venturi measurement
  • Higher flow velocities and less sedimentation than Venturi measurement with backwater
  • Construction costs reduced by 60%