Aquaread Limited

Surface water quality testing for the environmental monitoring industry

Aquaread stock a wide range of testing equipment designed to track a number of parameters and water quality testing measures. These can be used in many different bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, streams and seawater. The advantages of tracking water quality and testing for numerous parameters means that it is easier to notice changes which could cause damage to aquatic ecosystems. Early detection not only helps with monitoring water quality, but also helps to put mitigating measures in place. We have a wide range of parameters, although the most popular of these allow for surface water testing, pH, temperature, electrical conductivity and measuring levels of dissolved oxygen. These are standard measurements included in most standard Aquaprobes, although if you require more specific parameter testing then there are a number of additional parameters which can be added onto to the base Aquaprobe to compensate this.



For the ultimate in portable multiparameter water quality testing, look no further than our AP-2000, which measures all the essential parameters in a handheld device. The AP-2000 can be used in conjunction with our GPS Aquameter that records the exact location of each data set so that once back in the lab you can view all your locations on Google Maps. If you need to measure a larger number of parameters, the AP-5000 offers four auxiliary ports, two more than the AP-2000, and also measures depth. The AP-5000 is still portable and has many applications with a diameter of only 55mm.

Fixed monitoring

Both the AP-2000 and AP-5000 are suitable for short to medium term unmanned monitoring. The probes are connected to our AquaLogger, which has the capacity to capture data to months on end. If you require long term water quality monitoring, the AP-7000 is specifically designed for this: it even cleans itself. The AP-7000 is used with the larger capacity AquaLogger and with a telemetry system that sends the data directly to your desk.