Sustainable solutions for automotive industry

The automotive industry represents an especially complex sustainability challenge: Not only is it highly visible, it is the lifeblood of most economies worldwide. And even the most obvious solution—making lighter vehicles—raises recycling and energy use issues.

We combine 20 years of deep data and next-generation software to help you design sustainability into every vehicle.

Don’t sacrifice growth for sustainability. Drive both with us.

Careful Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and strategic design based on the deepest data available are essential to reduce environmental impact and optimise efficiencies. Our constantly evolving datasets help you make better decisions about your materials and methods from the start. We also offer customised software solutions for vehicle LCA calculations to inform smart design. Plus, in the design and recycling arenas, we don’t merely identify what you need to eliminate; we strategise to help you fully understand and strengthen your supply partnerships.

Design for Environment and Ecodesign

We help you bring all departments together from the start to reduce energy consumption and prevent waste throughout the entire product design process

Life Cycle Assessment

Over 2,500 companies worldwide trust our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) service and software to reveal the environmental impact of processes from raw material production to disposal.

Product Carbon Footprint

Capture your real Product Carbon Footprint with our ‘cradle to grave’ Life Cycle Assessment to achieve compliance with international standards and create carbon-neutral products.

Resource & Energy Efficiency

Let us help you reduce energy consumption and find alternative resources faster with Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) that reveal the information needed to make the best decisions.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Greatly improve supplier relationships and performance. Gain deep understanding of your supply chain risks and opportunities. Let us help you achieve sustainability goals and cost savings.

Water Footprint

Understand the full extent of your direct and indirect water usage to manage supply and costs. Let us help you increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.