Sustainable solutions for automotive industry - Automobile & Ground Transport

The automotive industry is one of the most prominent drivers of progress and economic growth. Its products secure worldwide mobility but also account for a significant part of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

Life Cycle Assessment and vehicle optimisation

PE INTERNATIONAL’s work through the past 20 years comprises analyses at the part level such as door panels through to vehicle subsystems including brake systems or gear boxes and complete car LCAs. PE has wide experience with vehicle optimisations, e. g. lightweight options, to further aide automakers in their efforts towards design for the environment and efficiency analyses.

With a mature understanding of the needs of the automotive sector, PE has developed revolutionary software solutions customised for semi-automatic LCA calculations for vehicles based on Bill of Materials and/or CAD data.

Whitepaper: Recycling Lightweight Automobiles

Lightweight design is an important factor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of automobiles. Nevertheless, not every weight savings inevitably reduces emissions.

On the one hand, materials of lower weight need more energy to produce but, on the other hand, they reduce the consumption in the useful life. Only a consideration of the entire life of the automobile can determine if the lightweight design is actually environmentally efficient.

Life Cycle Analysis gives the answer

A life cycle analysis from the process of production to the end of life is the only method to give reliable answers to this question. There are no easy answers in this respect. Furthermore, legal regulations concerning limits of carbon dioxide and recycling rates do not only require lightweight materials but also materials which are easier recyclable.