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Sustainable Building means to build and run buildings in an economical way that takes care of the environment and preserves resources. And it shall contribute to the protection of human health and social as well as cultural values.

Individual solutions for sustainable buildings

Frontrunners of a sustainable building and real estate industry keep a wide range of topics in view and focus their activities on the essentials. PE supports you with individual solutions for coping with your sustainable building challenges.

Whitepaper: The EPD 2.0 concept – a new way of integrating life cycle management

Building products manufacturers increasingly use LCA based information for their environmental communication. ISO 14025 consistent Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) provide an ideal format and verification structure, to deliver unbiased information transparently.

The EPDs themselves are on the one hand side used in marketing and communication and demonstrate a company’s responsibility for sustainability impacts. On the other hand side, the information provided in EPDs is directly used in quantified ways in building assessment schemes.

Insights into Environmental Product Declaration projects and Eco-design activities

Having experienced over one hundred successful EPD projects it shows that in most of the projects there is much more intention in such projects. The paper provides insights into companies’ EPD projects, summarizing how these companies make use of EPDs today, in their internal and external communication, and in their eco-design activities.