Sustainable solutions for building industry

Prepare to lead the industry in building healthier, more sustainable spaces. The desire for healthier buildings, more sustainable products, and beautiful, engaging spaces now permeates design culture. Green building, net positive building, and regenerative design are increasing demand for building certification.

Take advantage of the leading whole building life cycle assessment data and tools, product assessment, and building certification programs, all in one place.

At thinkstep, we actively engage with the global community influencing the future of sustainable design. We are leaders of the World Green Building Council, and members of the LEED Materials and Resources Technical Advisor Group. We built the foundational elements of the BREEAM system. Today, we help design firms build sustainability programs, supplying data and tools to enable faster, better decision making, and certify buildings to the global range of green building standards.

Whole building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Over 2,500 companies worldwide trust our LCA platform tools, GaBi ts and Tally (Autodesk Revit plug-in), to reveal the environmental impact of whole building processes from raw material production to disposal.

Building certification

Our sustainable building rating tools offer outstanding planning guidelines, quantification methods, and benchmarks for a large number of environmental, social, and economic variables to help you achieve green building certification.