Sustainable solutions for consumer goods industry

Currently, consumer goods are of great public interest. Numerous initiatives worldwide take them into consideration for the purposes of reduction of environmental impacts and advancement of the climate protection.

France even prepares an obligatory reporting and communication system for bulk goods. Consumer goods play a key role related to the effort to achieve sustainability because a great amount of industries and sectors are involved within the previous processes.

Sustainable consumer goods - improve your product’s environmental performance

This complexity issues a great challenge to the companies. The data, which completely describe this complexity, are necessary. Suppliers have to be involved more than ever for the purpose of improvement of the product’s environmental performance.  

PE INTERNATIONAL supports you in carrying out complex tasks and understanding their main content in order to give decision support and facilitate effective communication.

Case Study: Life Cycle Thinking - Driving Product Development, Innovation & Marketing
PE INTERNATIONAL worked with Johnson & Johnson to develop their proprietary Earthwards process comprised of a product evaluation scorecard, governance system, and third party assurance process.

Today, Earthwards recognized products lead by example. They compete favorably in the market, successfully address consumer preference for environmentally thoughtful products and transparent, relevant sustainability claims. Earthwards recognized products also deliver clear, meaningful impacts.