Sustainable solutions for industrial products industry - Manufacturing, Other

The industrial products sector connects companies from different industries such as mechanical engineering and plant construction to the paper and packaging industry. As business-to-business operating companies similar requirements which are set by customers or the legislator must be met.

In connection with increasing product responsibility and an increase of sustainability within the supply chain, questions about energy consumption, optimisation potentials, environmental performances and the carbon footprint are of major interest.

Reduce environmental impacts - increase value

In this context, the individual innovative energy has to be considered as well: Am I able to reduce my environmental impacts and increase the value of benefit of my product at the same time?  PE INTERNATIONAL supports you in this regard.

Case Study: Innovia Films: Informed choices for sustainable manufacturing

Innovia Films established sound environmental credentials for its products and processes with the GaBi Life Cycle Assessment and Scenario Modelling software.

The company now has the knowledge to drive informed choices about investment in sustainable manufacturing.