Sustainable solutions for metals & mining industry - Metal

In almost no other industry are the topics of resources and energy efficiency of as great importance as in the mining and metal industry. The limitedness of the used resources and the energy-intensive production force the companies to bear great responsibility to act more sustainable and to reduce the environmental impacts.

Communicate your ecological performance

Additionally, customers in metal-working industries make greater demands on ecological performances. Considering life cycles and bearing responsibility beyond the individual product (product stewardship) are important innovation drivers within the industry. 

PE INTERNATIONAL accompanies and supports you in this context through efficiency studies, corporate carbon footprints, hot spot analyses, LCA calculations or in the communication of your ecological performance through sustainability reports.

Case Study: The Business Case for Product Sustainability

LCA studies help Tata Steel understand how steel performs compared to other materials and assists them to identif the hot spots in the steel value chain. Additionally Tata use LCA studies as a marketing tool to support its supply chains.

Using GaBi Software, Tata Steel’s sustainability team can build product models covering environmental impacts such as energy use, carbon emissions, water consumption and material usage.