Sustainable solutions for oil & gas industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries

thinkstep offers the most comprehensive Life cycle Inventory with over 700 data sets. 200+ data sets on upstream production, processing and transportation, representing different production technologies - primary, secondary, EOR, unconventional (shale, tight, CBM, deep water and oil sands). Natural boundaries - drilling depth or flaring & venting rates, energy efficiency, and water treatment efficiency – are taken into consideration.

Demand for energy resources continue to grow! More sustainable extraction, processing, transport and use is required with increased legislation, consumer preference & competition.

Data sets on tanker, pipeline and LNG transport. 130 (65 on crude and 65 on natural gas) country-averaged production data sets, thinkstep offers 150 averaged consumption mixes representing environmental performance of 1 Barrel oil consumed in a certain country, and the life cycle information on refining operations and fuel production.

Corporate Strategy

Facilitating sustainability & business value workshops. Development of sustainable company strategy. Materiality matrix. Developing of KPI's and annual sustainability action plans. Implementing environmental management systems and management dashboards --> reporting (GRI, CDP, EMAS, etc.). Conducting cost-sustainability trade-off analysis. Benchmarking with peers. Internal and external communication support.

Corporate Carbon & Water Footprint

Reduce your organization’s emissions, comply with international standards, and boost energy efficiency with confidence. We offer the most in-depth analysis and action plans for going greener.
Conducting corporate CF, WF analyses

CSR & Sustainability Strategy

Develop the strongest CSR vision, strategy, and projects with our consultants and software solutions. Let us take you from benchmarking and audits to implementation and optimization.

Product Lifecycle Analysis

Conducting product LCA, CF, WF Developing of interactive LCA web based tools. Enable LCA capacity building in your company and get secondary LCA data to close data gaps and benchmark.

Sustainability Reporting

Earn more of the trust and goodwill your organization deserves. Develop the most credible, meaningful reports for all stakeholders with our workshops, dialogue services, and project guidance.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Greatly improve supplier relationships and performance. Gain deep understanding of your supply chain risks and opportunities. Let us help you achieve sustainability goals and cost savings. Supply chain analysis incl. Scope 3. Determination of direct (onsite) and indirect emissions along the supply chains.