Sustainable solutions for retail industry - Retail

Retail companies increasingly set themselves apart from competitors by displaying responsible actions. Meanwhile the individual energy and carbon management are only a part of a sustainability strategy, where the indirect environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions through the entire supply chain become more and more important.

Greening then supply chain

Greening the supply chain is a vast and challenging issue for the retail sector as well as assessing the carbon footprint of mass consumer goods in general, which is scheduled by several initiatives. With its broad experience and know-how, PE INTERNATIONAL supports companies in facing these challenges.

Whitepaper - Sustainability in the Grocery Marketplace

How can METTLER TOLEDO weighing technology contribute to greater sustainability? Where does food retail currently stand in relation to sustainability?

This whitepaper sets out to provide you with a general overview. Chapter 2 contains numerous examples of food retailers’ sustainability initiatives, illustrates trends and summarizes where the sector is today – and which role it can play in encouraging efforts to further improve sustainability. PE INTERNATIONAL supported METTLER TOLEDO with analysis work and compilied this key chapter.