Sustainable solutions for transportation & logistics industry

Innovative fuel and process alternatives are urgently needed in this energy-intensive sector. Our unrivalled sustainability data and software technology help you create a more sustainable balance.

Slow down emissions not your transport flow

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transportation is one of the most challenging issues, since demand for goods is still increasing worldwide. thinkstep is uniquely prepared to support you managing energy and infrastructure more sustainably by reducing both costs and emissions.

Only thinkstep has the deep global sustainability data and consulting expertise to assist you find the most effective alternative energy sources and generate innovative concepts for greener transport systems. We also enable you develop more environmentally sound structures all along your supply chain. Plus, our next-generation software platform makes your complex work easier by centralising all your data, communication, and initiatives.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Reduce your organization’s emissions, comply with international standards, and boost energy efficiency with confidence. We offer the most in-depth analysis and action plans for going greener.

Energy Management

Know the in-depth ROI of your energy use to reduce emissions, energy consumption, and costs. Let us help you find alternative resources faster and optimise performance against specific targets.

Green Building

Optimise material and process sustainability for structures such as logistics hubs and distribution centres with Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) based on the deepest, most accurate global data.

Product Carbon Footprint

Capture your real Product Carbon Footprint with our ‘cradle to grave’ Life Cycle Assessment to achieve compliance with international standards and create carbon-neutral products.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Greatly improve supplier relationships and performance. Gain deep understanding of your supply chain risks and opportunities. Let us help you achieve sustainability goals and cost savings.