Sustainable solutions for transportation & logistics industry - Logistics

The amount of material flow is increasing rapidly worldwide and therefore, the volume of traffic as well. Currently, the traffic is one of the factors which cause the most greenhouse gas emissions. In Europe, it is the only sector whose greenhouse gas emissions are significantly increasing instead of decreasing. The big challenge of the industry is to handle the increasing amount of material flow and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of resources at the same time.  Additionally, there exist other challenges on local scale, such as pollution burden, which can be enforced through a growing urbanisation.

Broad experience and technical know-how for transport & logistics

The solution is to use alternative sources of energy and drive concepts, to increase energy efficiency as well as to create individual supply chains which achieve the best environmental performances. In this context, not only the transport systems, but also the buildings concerned have to be taken into consideration as well.  PE INTERNATIONAL has broad experience and technical know- how in all these fields. We are heavily engaged in alternative propulsion technologies (e.g. electric and hybrid vehicles, and fuel cell powered vehicles), alternative fuel options and logistics and distribution optimizations as well as in the topic of green buildings.

Case Study: From Environmental Management to Sustainability
Carnival’s sustainability management system leads to GHG reporting and recognition.

Carnival Corporation & plc, a global cruise company and one of the largest vacation companies in the world, wished to demonstrate its environmental leadership by improving its internal processes for sustainability data collection and reporting.