Inliner Technologies, LLC

System renewal solutions for municipal sector

Our process allows for no disruption or risk to municipal life. Process: The advantage of Inliner Technologies to our municipal customers is the elimination of major disruption and risk to municipal life. Inliner Cured-in-Place pipe renewal is trenchless, fast, effective, and long-lasting. The elimination of open trenches and minimal traffic disruption greatly reduces the risk and disruption to residents and business owners in the proximity of the pipe renewal project.

Every Inliner installation is backed by proven designs, proven materials, proven installation experience, and proven service. Through quality control and testing of installed materials, the liner is confirmed to meet or exceed the specified design criteria. Inliner also meets or exceeds all ASTM specifications applicable to cured-in-place pipe installation.

Inliner CIPP products may be utilized to renew storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and culvert pipes. The flexibility and custom design of Inliner products makes it easy to unify a system made of many different materials and different size in a single renewal.

High Return on Investment
We take advantage of the existing pipeline capabilities to plan our projects, increasing value to the system while providing considerable additional benefits.

Inliner's CIPP products are specified, accepted and approved by most municipalities and sewer districts throughout North America. Inliner's multiple methods of installation makes it perfect for use in municipal systems with varying site conditions and levels of pipe deterioration. It is compatible with all kinds of pipeline materials, and is available in virtually any wall thickness.