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Temperature and gas sensing solutions products for indoor environments - Environmental

Employ superior trace gas monitoring solutions for your most demanding indoor air quality challenges. Indoor environment monitoring spreads across multiple scientific fields and activity sectors. If you`re a researcher, specialized consultant, equipment manufacturer, or building developer, indoor environment monitoring is critical to ensure optimal safety, operation, and testing conditions. Advanced Energy delivers leading-ege gas detection and measurement solutions that are ideal for building science, field commissioning or indoor air quality (IAQ) diagnosis, exposure monitoring (occupational safety/ health), or HVAC equipment and extraction system performance testing.

IAQ monitoring and industrial hygiene; ventilation and extraction performance testing — trace level detection and monitoring of multiple compounds in various environments presents serious challenges. And depending on the industry or the application, needs are highly varied. But nearly all critical indoor environmental applications require multigas analyzers with superior sensitivity, high flexibility, portability, and unmatched reliability for quality measurements.

Advanced Energy's Innova gas monitors utilize two different types of infrared (IR) technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions with high sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability; photoacoustic (PAS) and non-dispersive IR (NDIR) spectroscopy.

NDIR and PAS gas solutions are ideal for global energy, industrial materials, and advanced technologies environments, as well as many other markets and R&D applications. And thanks to superior sensitivity and accuracy, Advanced Energy's Innova gas modules and instruments are particularly beneficial for human safety environmental applications.

  • Multi-gas monitoring capabilities (up to 5 different gases)
  • Easily customized to any gas of interest for superior flexibility
  • Superior measurment specifications
  • Cost effective
  • Stationary or portable solutions