Vesl Membrane Systems

Vesl Membrane Systems

Terpolymer Geomembrane for Renewable Energy - Energy - Renewable Energy

Geothermal energy production promises 24/7 power supply with minimal carbon footprint. Containment of hot process water is an application which Elvaloy® Terpolymer Geomembrane can provide complete enviromental protection, and remote area flexible deployment.

Elvaloy® Terpolymer fabrics are widely used to collect methane from waste digesters and landfill containments. Excess Renewable Energy can feed back to
the electricity grid, reducing the carbon footprint of the operation.

Non-renewable energy sources including Coal Seam Gas produce saline water and brine which are effectively contained with Elvaloy® liners.

With renewables making up a rapidly expanding portion of the energy requirements of advancing nations, full protection of the environment via high quality containment is a growing necessity.