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Thickening and dewatering of fibrous materials for Pulp and Paper - Pulp & Paper - Paper Recycling

The dewatering of fibrous material is a fundamental process in the paper and pulp production, but also in all other manufacturing processes using or treating fibre suspensions.

  • separation of water cycles by reducing the dissolved matters and the COD in the pressed material ('Hydraulic Seal'); the higher the dryness of the thickened stock, the higher the efficiency will be
  • increase of the dry content to a value required for downstream processes, e.g. dispersion systems
  • reduction in weight and volume, e.g. storage and transport

With the AKUPRESS CX screw press lines as well as the AKSE F disc thickener BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery offers a range of products able to reach the objective targets. The systems provided allow to attain maximum final dry contents (up to 50 %) even at extremely low inlet consistencies (as from 0.3 %). The machines are designed to handle quantities ranging from 800 BDT/d (AKSE F) and 500 BDT/d (AKUPRESS).

AKSE F - Thickening   

  • in stock preparation
  • upstream of couch broke
  • as washing process

AKUPRESS CX - Dewatering   

  • upstream of dispersion plants
  • prior to the transport of fibrous materials over medium distances
  • for reduction of the COD in the paper machine water cycle

The AKUPRESS CX-screw press line, due to its high torque, yields the highest dry content for fibrous materials possible to be reached at present by mechanical dewatering, offering the special advantages in terms of separation of water cycles and reduction in volume / weight.