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Thickening and dewatering of sludges for water and wastewater industry - Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management

Both economic and ecological demands make maximum dewatering of sludge a most crucial step in the process flow, especially for the pulp and paper industry with their large quantities of sludge to handle. A highest possible dry content of dewatered sludge minimizes weight and volume, hence achieving the following objectives: reduction of transport and disposal cost. high heating value for incineration without additional fuel. With the sludge dewatering systems including both AKSE S disc thickener and AKUPRESS BX screw press BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery offers plant and equipment able to dewater structured sludges to maximum dry contents.

  • highest dry contents up to 70 % thanks to a patented control system
  • inlet consistencies ranging from 0.5 to 25 %
  • best machines reaching a throughput of 2 - 160 t/d BD per line
  • high biological sludge content possible
  • small footprint due to disc thickener
  • closed design and automatic control of all machines
  • experience gained in more than 100 units with different sludge consistencies

In addition to the optimised individual components we are able to supply a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment that includes complete turnkey systems together with all relevant process control technology conveying systems and catwalks.

The process control technology can either be supplied with an own visualisation and operation surface (WinCC) or rather be linked with central process control systems via bus lines.