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Tissue Homogenizers – Sample preparation for Pharmacology - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Petrochemical

Pharmaceutical research starts with lead molecule identification from a natural or artificial model. In either case, the DMPK or animal toxicology models analysis requires the homogenization of tissues.

In preclinical dermatological research for instance, complete skin homogenizationis critical to determine the amount of compound delivered into the dermis and epidermis, which helps researchers select the best formulation prototype.

The mass spectrometry analysis is often used for such applications.

In addition to the capabilities of Precellys to homogenize animal tissue, these instruments can also be used for the micro- or nano-milling of poorly water-soluble drugs to enhance bioavailability in pharmacokinetic studies. In clinical formulation development, the amount of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is often limited, and co-micromilling or nano-milling with various pharmaceutical excipients has been tested on the Precellys to increase the solubility and dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drug compounds.