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Treatment and dewatering of rejects for pulp and paper industry - Pulp & Paper - Paper Recycling

Dewatering rejects to maximum dry contents represents an essential process step both from an economical and ecological viewpoint, especially in waste paper based paper mills but also in pulp mills. The following goals shall be achieved: high heating value for stable and ecological incineration without co-firing, reduction of landfill and transport charges.

For rejects from waste paper stock preparation BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery supplies single screw presses that dewater to maximum dry content as well as complete systems to produce residue derived fuels (RDF) by dewatering, by removing contaminants and by particle size conditioning. In complete systems, selected system components (such as conveyors, shredders, magnetic separators etc.) complement the machines developed and built by BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery in order to achieve the following goals:   

  • maximum dryness up to 70 % to achieve optimum heating value by AKUPRESS AX
  • high capacity of up to 200 BDTPD with a single treatment line
  • defined particle size
  • defined level of Fe and non ferrous contamination
  • storage and transportation of RDF for supply to the power plant

Rejects from chemical and mechanical pulp production, such as knots and shives, are thickened by means of AKSE F disc thickeners and dewatered on AKUPRESS AS/AX screw presses to achieve the highest possible dryness. Both thickener and screw press take care for the corrosive and high temperature media in pulp mills: The material choice is adapted to the specific requirements and they comply with the latest labour and emission protection standards.