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Ultrasonic sensors for object detection applications - Monitoring and Testing

Often, only the presence of an object is needed rather than the distance. ToughSonic General Purpose ultrasonic sensors can detect objects over longer ranges than traditional “proximity” sensors, and detection can be limited within a specific distance window (range of distances). One or two switches outputs can be set on or off as the application requires, with user-adjustable time delay responses, offering built-in functionality without external controllers. Target object size, shape, orientation, distance and sound absorption all affect target detection. Suitable applications are those where these characteristics are known and repeatable. We do not recommend using ultrasonic sensors as a primary device for personal safety.

Senix ToughSonic Ultrasonic Sensors detect objects or materials through the air using “non-contact” technology. They are easy to use and reliable. Most materials can be detected: hard or soft, any color or transparency, flat or curved. Unlike traditional proximity sensors, they operate over longer distances and can be set up to limit object detection within a user-specified distance band (“window”).

Senix ultrasonic sensors can be configured to restrict object detection to a user-configurable range of distances. They can also be configured to establish a single maximum range of detection within the sensor’s maximum range. This allows the sensor to ignore further objects that may be permanently or intermittently within the sensor’s maximum range.

Whether used indoors or out, ToughSonic sensors can take abuse. Rugged electronic components are epoxy potted into small stainless steel housings, and there are no mechanical parts to break. IEC compliant electrical interfaces are protected from reversed connections and overvoltages.

These proximity sensors easily connect with all common automation equipment. Applications range from simple ON/OFF switches to relay connections, PLC inputs and multi-sensor detection networks. They are cost effective, with many user-adjustable features built into the sensor’s software – power that you can unlock with our SenixVIEW PC software.

Object Detection Applications
Ultrasonic proximity sensors are found in applications where the presence or absence of a material, object or person is important in the control of a machine or process. They are commonly found in printing, converting, robotics, material handling and transportation industries.


  • Type 316 stainless steel housings.
  • Sealed epoxy potted construction.
  • Ruggedized piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers, potted in place.
  • Liquid tight IP68 immersion rating.
  • IEC compliant electrical interface protection.
  • Hardened ToughSonic internal electronics.
  • UV-resistant, potted-in cable.
  • CE compliant.


  • Two switch outputs, each with window, hysteresis and timing adjustments.
  • Each switch can be either PNP or NPN.
  • Distance window and lost target features.
  • Other simultaneous outputs also provided.
  • Measurement rates up to 200 Hz.
  • Adjust, optimize and manage setups with SenixVIEW PC software (included).
  • Connect remotely to, and work safely with, sensors embedded in an application.
  • Adjustable filters and timers help optimize dynamic response.
  • Multi-sensor networks & cross-talk protection.
  • Quick duplication without recalibration.
  • Push-button teachable.