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With over twenty five years of industry experience, atg UV Technology are market leaders with a state-of-the-art UV product range, which provides the pharmaceutical industry with advanced technology solutions for a variety of applications worldwide. Specially designed and developed for the pharmaceutical industry, atg UV`s breakthrough chamber design eliminates all crevices and unnecessary fittings, maintaining the integrity of the system. Our leading UV technology is used in a number of key areas, including ultra-pure water generation, the treatment of process water and disinfection of contaminated effluent water discharges. Additionally, atg UV`s bespoke engineering skills and market-leading technology have also allowed for the development of site specific solutions for a number of leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Treatment with the appropriate dose of UV energy will inactivate all types of micro-organisms. A UV dose greater than a log-4 reduction (99.99%) can be easily achieved. With a wide range of Ultraviolet systems, atg UV can provide treatment for any application.

Mains water contains a chlorine residual that ensures disinfection in the distribution network, which could cause a detrimental effect on the process and treatment membranes. atg UV medium pressure UV lamps are capable of destroying both free chlorine and chloramines.

Toc Reduction
The short wavelength energy emitted by atg UV Technology UV lamps is capable of removing Total Organic Carbon (TOC) by breaking chemical bonds. This process also renders the pollutants more amenable to removal by ion exchange resins.

Ozone is widely used in the production of ultra pure water for Its disinfection and oxidation properties. However, residual ozone is highly undesirable and must be removed prior to water use. atg UV Technology systems are capable of destroying residual ozone.

Toxic Discharges
The atg UV Technology ADVOX advanced oxidation process allows for the treatment of effluent wastewater containing toxic and non-biodegradable contaminants. Once treated this effluent wastewater can then be safely discharged into the environment.

Effluent Discharges
atg UV Technology have provided specialist systems to a number of key clients to bring contaminated factory/process wastewater to within accepted micro-biological limits for safe discharge into the environment.