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Ultraviolet disinfection systems for the well injection water & SRB reduction - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Microorganism and bacteria control is increasingly an important topic of discussion in the oil and gas industry.  Inadequate disinfection and treatment of well injection water and stimulation fluids, used in the recovery of oil and gas has been proven to lead to a host of negative consequences, including: - Souring the well with hydrogen sulphide gas H2S, Microbiological induced corrosion, Loss of fluid stability during injection., Plugging of the well, Damage of equipment and components (e.g. RO membranes, filters)

With stricter regulations on down-hole injection applications with regards to chemicals added to stimulation fluids, there has been an increasing effort to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals, such as biocides from the process.  atg UV Technology have successfully used UV for the control of microorganisms such as SRB’s (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria), Acid Producing Bacteria and Slime Forming Bacteria in well injection applications for over 30 years. 

Working with Conoco Phillips, atg UV Technology carried out the original research (1993) into the effectiveness of UV treatment for SRB reduction used in well injection applications, which lead to the supply of a number offshore UV treatment plants being installed in the Norwegian North Sea sector, with the largest plant – Eldfisk and Ekofisk treating 4,500 and 4,000 m3/hr daily. 

ABOVE: Eldfisk, Norwegien North Sea Platform Package - UV Treatment of 4,500 m3/hr of seawater daily for a 99.99% reduction in Sulphate Reducing Bacteria in a single pass.

Importantly, UV treatment significantly reduces the need for biocides and chemicals, which can have high associated operational costs and are hazardous to handle, transport and store in an offshore environment.  As a chemical free, physical sterilisation technology, a correctly sized atg UV Technology system significantly reduces the volumes of chemical biocide dosing, reducing the associated handling and transportation costs.

Estimated savings for a down-hole injection application switching to UV treatment are substantial and could be as much as £1 million a year in biocide cost savings alone.

A typical atg UV Technology 100% duty / 100% standby UV disinfection package for well injection treatment and SRB reduction is supplied within an standard 20ft DNV certified offshore container.  The package is designed to be fully turn-key and is both simple to operate and easy to install into existing pipe work with minimal disruption. 

atg Uv Technology Mobil UV Disinfection Plants for Well Injection & SRB Reduction

Benefits of UV Treatment: -

  • UV is a chemical-free solution, than cannot be overdosed
  • Very low operation & maintenance requirements
  • Compact footprint & low weight solution
  • Eliminates chemical transportation, storage and handling
  • Environmentally friendly, green technology
  • Safe, low risk technology to operate
  • Reduced OPEX costs compared to other available technologies
  • Successful, field proven technology
  • Whilst occasional shock dosing with chemicals may still be needed to clean existing pipe work down stream of the UV package, this does not require the complex monitoring equipment that would be necessary if biocides were used as a primary disinfectant for everyday operation.