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Ultraviolet Water Treatment for Aquaculture - Agriculture - Aquaculture

Our business is protecting your fish…anytime, anywhere

Atlantium has wide experience with the microbiological challenges of the aquaculture industry.

We have the expertise you need at all stages of designing, implementing and operating your facility’s water bio-security solution.

Atlantium - real presence, real knowledge, real protection.

Atlantium Technologies specializes in custom-made disinfection solutions against a wide range of microorganisms for different types of aquatic species.  Atlantium is not your conventional UV provider: we are your partner in water bio-security.  With years of experience in the aquaculture market combating viruses, fungus, algae, and a wide variety of bacteria, Atlantium’s UV technology is the leading brand for effective and invaluable protection for fish producers.  Our customers come to us first for systems design advice when they know they must implement a secure UV disinfection solution which actually works. We take pride in being the leader of the industry when it comes to quality solutions, disease elimination and customer satisfaction.  Our reputation for working with our clients to get the results they need distinguishes us from other UV companies.

After years in the field and laboratory, Atlantium has engineered the most effective design and sizing methodology for UV disinfection.  We are the only UV company to possess the most up-to-date and accurate UV dose levels required for inactivation of a wide variety of industry-related microorganisms. In addition, we provide our clients with our know-how and experience to continuously optimize water treatment processes from both the facility design stages and throughout the entire production cycle.