Ultraaqua A/S

UV Systems for Industrial Fluids Disinfection - Water and Wastewater

ULTRAAQUA UV systems are used for a tremendous number of different industrial applications. UV disinfection is typically preferred for internal processes such as fluid disinfection in food processing and cooling water disinfection. Externally for further cleaning of intake water (disinfection or degradation of organic pollutants) or for the waste typically as part of a wastewater treatment system in order to increase water reuse or to produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream.

The following list includes examples of existing industrial fluids disinfection. However, the list of industrial UV applications is growing rapidly due to strong focus on both product quality and efficient use of our natural resources.

  • Raw water, juice and bottle system disinfection in beverage industry
  • Disinfection of milk and whey in dairy industry
  • Ultrapure water in the semiconductor industry
  • CIP process water sterilization in food production
  • Power plant cooling water
  • Pharmaceutical production

Quality meets affordability

  • Unrivalled low operating costs: 16000H UV-lamp lifetime Solidly build construction for harsh environments
  • Wide standard product range Customized solutions
  • Worldwide partner network Free support from water treatment experts