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Vacuum excavation solutions for lateral clean out – Jettings - Water and Wastewater

Vac-Tron Industrial Vacuum Equipment makes manhole clean out easy and efficient for municipal public works departments. Our Mini Combo Series can clean out a manhole in seconds, allowing a reduction in man-hours for this type of job, helping reduce overhead and accomplishing more for the taxpayer’s money.

The Vac-Tron Mini Combo series combines major vacuum and jetter action to jet out and clean 6' to 12' laterals to a distance of 300'. The jetter is also effective for cleaning 18' to 24' culverts up to 100' long.

Cleanup lift stations, treatment plants, storm drains, meter boxes, valve boxes, carbon filtration boxes and culverts. Vacuum down retention ponds. Clean transformer boxes, underground switch boxes, install street signs without fear of damaging utility lines.

It’s also the tool of choice for those companies that have to deal with the cleanup and removal of road spills, vacuum up rocks & dry sand, hazardous materials and more.