GeoVille Information Systems GmbH

Value-Added Services for Environment & Natural Resources

Protecting the environment and preserving natural resources is vital to quality of life, sustainable development and biodiversity. Climate change, degradation of habitats and depletion of natural resources are significant risks to economic well-being and may affect the resilience of communities and ecosystems. Satellite Earth observation is a core information source for providing information on the state and change of the environment. Geospatial solutions effectively support environmental monitoring and management and help mitigating and adapting to the effects of economic growth and climate change.

Our clients:
  • International institutions
  • Donor organisations
  • Policy makers
  • Governments
  • Water authorities
We deliver …
  • objective and unbiased information on the location and state of ecosystems including changes in land cover, related ecosystem functions and transformation processes
  • site inventories, ecosystem valuation and assessments of natural habitats and protected areas to support mitigation measures and management plans as well as ecosystem service valuation
  • mapping and monitoring of desertification, natural greening and reforestation
  • carbon stock assessment, mapping, and modelling for REDD+ projects
  • quantification of water cycle components that is essential in integrated water resources assessment and management (WOIS)
  • transparent, timely and consistent information on the existence, historical development and status of wetlands as well as on the hydrological conditions and active water management
  • mapping of natural hazards, monitoring of hazard-prone areas and assessment of hazard risk
  • wall-to-wall land use and land use change monitoring systems that allow spatially explicit assessments under LULUCF obligations
  • Agencies and financing institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • NGOs
  • Consulting business
  • Industry