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Visual inspection solutions for the borescopes for military and law enforcement - Defense

Law Enforcement and Military applications for borescopes are quickly expanding. Borescopes allow military and Police personal to inspect dangerous or hard to reach places with less risk and allow non destructive inspection of suspicious, packages, vehicles, or luggage.  Borescopes can be used to look into rooms under locked doors, be inserted into holes to see through walls, ceilings or floors. This allows tactical teams to monitor actions in places they don’t have access to, minimizing the danger in and allowing them to collect data before entering a room or opening a door.

They can be used for contraband searches by customs at border crossings and airports, as well as by police in the field. These scopes can be used to look into gas tanks, underneath vehicles, into the body of cars (i.e.: inside door panels) and packages without having to dismantle anything. Video borescopes can record video and images of what is seen to keep records. These types of inspections save time as they can be done nondestructively with little to no damage to what is being inspected.

They can also be utilized for search and rescue; they can be used to look under debris or into small cavities to check for trapped victims. Nonconductive and explosion proof borescopes are designed for maximum safety during EOD/IEDD Investigations. Military applications also include inspecting firearms, equipment and service vehicles, including tanks, ships planes, and helicopters, for maintenance purposes. Using borescopes for police and military applications can improve safety and save time and effort, by allowing the visualization in many types of situations where this would otherwise require much more effort, or require more risk to visualize directly:

  • Tactical inspection of rooms and areas that are not accessible, to monitor possible dangers
  • Inspection of firearms
  • Search vehicles, luggage and packages for contraband non destructively
  • Search cavities and inaccessible areas after disasters or emergencies for victims
  • Improve safety for EOD/IEDD investigations.

Most of the inspection devices you will find on our website are suitable for law enforcement inspections. Police departments prefer to purchase VOYAGER and tactical DarkSite videoscopes due to their reasonable price, good depth of view thanks to invisible IR illumination, and articulation ability.

In situations where avoiding any conductivity is a critical requirement (bomb detection, gas tank inspection, etc.) special, explosion proof borescope camera should be considered.

For small bore access, our line of micro borescopes with probe diameters starting from 0.37mm will be a good option.
Tactical pole cameras are the must have gear for SWAT and special forces.

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