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Visual inspection solutions for the chimney inspection video cameras - Monitoring and Testing

Welcome to our Chimney Inspection Cameras section. Chimney Inspection Cameras are becoming increasingly popular, especially when physical inspection of chimney surfaces is not feasible. This is particularly necessary for small diameter chimney liners, old stone flues in unknown condition, in order to get safety certificates, etc.

Chimney and fireplace systems needs video CCTV inspections as much as other ducts or canals in the buildings. This done with using inspection video cameras with led light and long insertion shaft. Inspection cameras that MEDIT offers cover all kind of applications required to do high quality video inspection of chimney ducts.

These cameras represented by the two main classes.

CCTV cameras are successfully used for a number of applications including:
  • Checking the condition of chimney and flues liners
  • Chimney Surveying and documentation
  • Confirmation of suspected crack or other potential flaws in the components
  • Visual inspection of chimneys prior to lining
  • Checking for damages after chimney fire or any sudden disaster that could damage the chimney.
  • Video documentation for insurance claims
  • Inspections of any blockages, etc.

Often cameras that is used to inspection chimney and fireplace ducts are called with various of terms: masonry chimney camera, chimney liners camera, chimney cctv system, chimney duct cameras, flue liner camera, air duct inspection system, air duct cameras, Chimney Camera, fireplace inspection camera.