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Visual inspection solutions for the sewer scope in pipeline maintenance - Water and Wastewater - Sewer Cleaning

Nowadays we can`t imagine our life without helpful gadgets and tools. In the past twenty years plumbing technology has dramatically advanced also. Sewer drain camera is an example of the advancement in the field of plumbing. A properly chosen camera will save you time, improve your image as a professional contractor and most importantly, increase your profit.

  • First, you can use a sewer drain camera to inspect and identifying a problem in a pipeline (either in sewer, water, drain, storm mainline or laterals) -a blockage, crack, etc.
  • Second you can show the findings to your client and document it.
  • Third, you can make final check up after repairing to be sure everything is done well.
So, what is a sewer drain camera and how do you choose one to fit your needs? There are different types of pipe inspection devices, for different sized pipes, as well as for different types of inspection. Sewer Drain Cameras are manufactured in various working length, camera diameters, and optional features, such as traceability (incorporated sonde), water pressure resistance, image and video capture, self leveling or remotely moving pan-and-tilt head, etc. Take into account this information when you're willing to choose and buy sewer drain camera camera: 1. Camera Working Length: our most demanded and easy to operate are systems (Viper, Viper-S, Anaconda, Triton) with push rod from 20 to 60 meters (65 to 197 ft.). If you need longer length, i.e. 120meters, take a look at Python push camera. 2. Camera Head diameter: it should be at least few millimeters less than narrowest pipe you're going to inspect. For centering camera head in a pipeline special skids can be attached to a camera head. The smallest sewer drain camera heads available (from 0.9') are in Viper, Viper-S and Triton-micro inspection system. 3. If you need to keep your camera in a horizontal position, the Python system with self leveling camera would be a good choice. Looking for better observance pipes walls and lateral joints? Anaconda Pan-and-Tilt camera with remote control will deliver. 4. All of our sewer drain cameras are waterproof but some inspections have to be done under significant water pressure. Triton - SL heavy duty inspection camera will operate under 6 Bar water pressure. 5. While all of our cameras are equipped with a color monitor to see inspections in real time, they also have the ability to record images and video. You can view it at a later date, or use the recording for documenting problem areas. Files can be saved on СF or SD memory cards depending on the chosen sewer drain camera system. 6. Sometimes it's very important to not only detect a problem but to locate it from ground level. Some of our inspection systems are equipped with a traceable 512 Hz sonde that will transmit signal to locator and you can localize issue place in minutes very accurately.