Walk Behind Sand Sifting and Soil Screening Applications - Waste and Recycling

The SAND MAN 850 is a versatile sand sifter and soil screener that has a wide variety of applications. Its inherent manueverability, effectiveness, and ease of operation make it a valuable tool for golf course owners, small beach owners, and anyone who maintains smaller sandy areas. By screening stones, litter, shells, glass, and other finer objects, the SAND MAN ensures your property will be debris-free.

The SAND MAN easily accomplishes thorough cleaning of difficult congested beaches. Multiple obstacles such as chairs, umbrellas and landscaping are manageable using the turning assistance of the independent rear brakes. Two forward speeds allow the SAND MAN to be operated at a high rate of speed for wide-open straight areas and at the more moderate rate of speed for tight turning areas.

Baseball Infields
The SAND MAN removes harmful materials from infield soil; such as, small stones, glass and other debris.

Volleyball Courts
The SAND MAN removes stones and glass making sand volleyball areas safe for bare feet. The groomer at the rear of the SAND MAN leaves the area level and ready for play.

The maneuverable SAND MAN sand cleaner is well suited for the tight confines of playground areas. The SAND MAN will quickly remove small debris including cigarette butts, glass, syringes and animal droppings from sand areas around children's play areas.

Golf Course Bunkers
Cleaning the sand in golf course bunkers requires the SAND MAN, which is a narrow, lightweight and maneuverable sand sifter. The SAND MAN on rubber tires and can drive across fairways without leaving ruts. It agilely powers in and out of bunkers without damage to the edge of the bunker.

Oil Spill Cleanup
The SAND MAN has proven a valuable tool in oil spill cleanup, as its sifting screens are ideal for removing oil clumps and tar balls from the sand. The video bellow demonstrates how the SAND MAN effectively helped beaches plauged by the Deep Horizon Gulf Oil Spill returns become clean again.