Waste dewatering for waste management industry - Waste and Recycling - Waste Management

Separation and dewatering of suspensions are important process stages when treating waste and digester output. BELLMER KUFFERATH machines, within an overall waste management concept, divide waste streams into separate streams in an optimal way in waste treatment plants, for which specific treatment methods make sense. Apart from single machines, BELLMER KUFFERATH also supply complete systems for sortation and dewatering of waste streams.

Depacking of outdated foodstuffs, market waste and food leftovers through AKUPRESS AS   

  • Separation of coarse solids (plastic, cardboard and metal packagings, as well as extraneous matters such as bones and wood) from fine, liquid matters (digestable organic fraction)

Separation of bio waste through AKUPRESS AS    

  • Separation of coarse solids (wood, fruit and vegetable peelings, bones, extraneous matters) from fine, liquid matters (digestable organic fraction)

Dewatering of lightweight substances and residues from sorting processes through AKUPRESS AS    

  • Dewatering of trash from waste pulper
  • Dewatering of residues from 'swim-sink' separation

Dewatering in percolation processes through AKUPRESS AS/AX   

  • Pressing of the organic percolate fraction (fine solids and liquid matter) from domestic and residual waste percolation processes

Pre-treatment of renewable fuels through AKUPRESS AX    

  • Dewatering of maize silage, grass and further renewable raw materials (e.g. for thermal processes) - max. pressing of digestable fraction (liquid matter and dissolved/fine solids) from cellulosic solids