Waste management for hotels and resorts - Travel & Leisure

Yet, while the people living in today’s wealthy societies can easily escape their every day life and enter the pristine world of unspoiled nature, they cannot escape their propensity for generating garbage. On average, a person generates about half a kilogram of solid waste plus approximately 300 liters of wastewater per day. Tourists frequently generate more waste than the average. Thus, a resort that hosts about 300 guests and staff will generate over 50 tonnes of solid waste and 30,000 tonnes of wastewater per year. Where does a resort located far away from any conventional waste treatment facility dispose of all this waste?

Experience a place of unparalleled beauty and relaxation, a place where time stands still…superior facilities, heartfelt hospitality, natural reefs to explore in crystal blue waters, and thousands of acres of unspoiled tropical forest...”  The colourful brochure, full of pictures with sandy beaches, palm trees and waterfalls, looks inviting indeed.  Located in a place where a few years earlier only primitive societies lived, it offers the perfect escape from the noise and the pace of the city: Luxury in Paradise!

People have used every possible means to eliminate waste from isolated hotels and resorts.  From dumping it in a nearby ravine to flying it out of the resort by airplane, from burning it in a pit to discharging it at sea only a few meters from where the tourists visit, nobody has found an environmentally sustainable and practical way of eliminating the waste.  Efforts to minimize waste generation and compost some of the organics only address part of the problem.

Technology has dramatically increased our access to the most pristine regions of the planet.  We must develop technology that will allow us to experience the beauty this paradise offers without leaving behind an environmentally damaging footprint.