Waste management for military - Defense

At sea or on land, compact removal of waste from military facilities is beyond a valuable and green activity, but a logistical imperative. Minimizing space, labour and equipment dedicated to waste management in both marine and land-based operations is of great value for military applications. In addition, security is a major concern for military ships. Minimizing the time the ships spend docked or in proximity to foreign ports significantly reduces the risks of enemy attack. Moreover, they generally carry more personnel than equivalent sized commercial vessels and spend longer periods at sea, intensifying waste management problems.

Military bases and posts are similar to small communities. As smaller ports are often in remote or isolated areas without access to conventional infrastructures, they must be autonomous, generating their own electricity and bringing in fresh water. Such installations are vulnerable to enemy threats, and limiting outside traffic is a central concern. An onsite, mobile and quickly deployable liquid and solid waste treatment system is highly valuable equipment for military bases.