Waste management for sustainable habitats

Small isolated communities such as towns in remote locations, gated communities, suburbs, and small island habitats, that wish to use greener methods of waste disposal or simply cannot transfer their waste to others can benefit from Terragon technologies. Each of these communities produces a wide variety of waste in small quantities. To date, most waste treatment technologies require large quantities of waste to be economically and operationally viable. Practical solutions for the treatment of small quantities of waste are extremely limited and, consequently, most small isolated communities face a serious waste management problem within their territory.

As a result, most isolated communities throughout the world have resorted to uncontrolled dumping and occasionally burning their waste within a short distance from their community. Everything is dumped here, from electronics to MSW, home appliances, old tires and dead animals, creating immense health and environmental risks. Additional problems for these communities include the absence of technical expertise and financial resources to allow them to implement more complex and expensive technologies. MAGS™’ low cost, simple operation, use of minimal resources and excellent environmental performance make it ideal for use in small isolated habitats.