Metso Recycling Equipment

Waste shredding for the waste-to-energy industry - Waste and Recycling - Waste to Energy

With worldwide focus on recovering the maximum waste-to-energy possible, waste processing is an important growth market for stationary shredder technology. Numerous technologies now exist to produce fuels and energy from waste. Incineration is the most common waste-to-energy conversion but to maintain a consistent flow, increase combustion efficiency and reduce costs, it is essential that the waste is pre-shredded.

Waste Type: Bulky, Industrial (C&I), Hazardous, Household (MSW), Wood, Construction and Demolition (C&D), Biomass baled materials for example straw

The benefits of Metso EtaPreShred series in waste-to-energy processing include:

  • The versatility to enable different waste types to be processed
  • Low wear costs
  • High availability factor
  • Slow turning with low dust and noise emissions
  • Worldwide experience from different applications
  • Non-sensitive to impurities in the waste stream