Waste Sorting - Single Stream Recycling - Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling

Single stream, otherwise known as dry commingled waste, comprises mostly of paper & card, plastic packaging waste, textiles and cans. Given that some collection schemes include glass whilst others exclude glass from commingled collection, we have provided figures for both waste types.

The analysis in the table shows the percentage by weight breakdown of the total  waste input and then splits this a size further by MRF design and equipment selection. We also show a further breakdown of the paper & card and the dense plastic fraction given the commercial importance of the individual constituents of each fraction as potential pure fractions.

The input stream is analysed by a fast scanning sensor installed over a conveyor belt. It rapidly identifies materials, shapes, textures and colours as well as the object position.

A defined sorting fraction is then propelled onto a second transport system by a gust of air while the residual fraction is transported to a third belt for further sorting or disposal.