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Waste water respirometry solutions for process optimisation - Water and Wastewater

Respiration rate of activated sludge has been recognised as a key controlling element in the modelling of process control, by the International Water Association Task Group. Actual respiration rate of the sludge in the aeration tanks, as well as the endogenous and maximum respiration rates are variables that indicate the rate of BOD removal and aeration requirements. The maximum respiration rate is also closely linked to the Critical Oxygen Concentration point, that is, the point at which diffusion over the bacterial cell walls ceases and therefore biodegradation is significantly compromised.

Strathtox simply and quickly provides the endogenous and maximal respiration rate of the bacteria, as well as providing the platform for in-depth analysis of the critical oxygen concentration point. AS Bioscope provides the data concerning the activity of the bacteria in the aeration basins, clarifiers and return lines under the prevailing load conditions. Further tests allow the settlement characteristics to be ascertained. Therefore these two instruments in combination allow a treatment works to be optimised for both performance and aeration efficiency.