Wastewater Recycling - Water & Wastewater

TIGG’s activated carbon wastewater systems allow industry to meet environmental effluent requirements and discharge directly to POTWs or permitted surface waters. In some cases TIGG’s systems are used to recycle wastewater for non potable water applications to lessen demand on local water resources.

By reducing or eliminating organic and/or inorganic compounds through the use of filtration and adsorption equipment, wastewater can be recycled and used for such applications as making steam, to water crops, to wash municipal vehicles, flush toilets and many other applications.

TIGG has more than 35 years of experience designing and fabricating Liquid Phase wastewater reclamation systems for use in industrial processing and municipal water treatment.

Wastewater treatment systems and filtration systems can utilize a variety of media such as granular activated carbon, organo-clay and sand and gravel in equipment such as multimedia filtration units, pressure filters and other ancillary equipment as part of an integrated treatment system.

TIGG also offers other treatment services including rental programs and carbon exchange services.

TIGG has an experienced staff to work with consultants, engineering firms, remediation contractors, municipalities and end-users to meet their specific environmental effluent goals. Some of our solutions include our dual-vessel wastewater adsorption systems.