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Problem: A significant portion of the operational costs of a conventional municipal wastewater treatment plant employing an aerobic biological treatment unit comes from electricity costs associated with aeration. In many cases, the aeration rates are kept at the maximum level to ensure that the plant’s effluent is in compliance with the regulations. The critical parameter for regulatory purposes and treatment efficiency, BOD, takes 5 days to measure through standard methods providing almost no value to the plant operators in terms of adjusting aeration rates and chemical dosing.

Online UV/Vis spectral analysis can provide real-time BOD equivalent data that can significantly help operators detect and characterize abnormalities, daily and seasonal fluctuations in the influent water, and make adjustments accordingly to optimize the treatment process. This will ensure that the treatment standards are met while costs are minimized.

  • Real time BOD equivalent monitoring
  • Process adjustments to improve effluent quality
  • Limit potential for non-compliance