Wastewater technology for the oil exploration and refinery - Oil, Gas & Refineries

In the secondary recovery stage of an oil reservoir, process water plays a central role, just as in the extraction of natural gas. After the oil exploration, the produced water must be separated from the oil and gas. The process water needs to be prepared in order to be re-injected into the water cycle of production. For this purpose, highly efficient separation methods are required.

Production increase through intelligent solutions

AWAS treatment plants purify the produced water for a gentle reuse in the reinjection. Due to recirculation water resources are used optimally and operating costs get reduced.

The refinement of the process water increases its functionality and the oil output – another advantage for optimum utilization of resources.

Oil spill or surface contamination

Oil spill – a nightmare for shipping industry and offshore oil exploration. Large amounts of oil spread on the water surface, emulsify and must be transported as an oil-water mixture ashore – as it is common practise.

This is extremely expensive, inefficient and requires an elaborate chemical and physical separation onshore.

This solution speaks for itself…

For the use in oil spills and other large-scale surface contamination, AWAS has developed a patented system that can be used offshore, for inland waters, tidal flats and ground waters – the AWAS Catamaran with integrated oil separator.

The separation of water and oil takes place in biophysical manner directly on the water. It is also the ideal solution for shallow water and narrow shore zones.