Wastewater Testing for the the Water Treatment Industry - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

There is strict regulation surrounding waste water discharge so it’s very important to conduct waste water testing in waste water environments. Aquatic ecosystems are sensitive to even small changes in the chemical make up of the water, temperature, etc. Water parameter testing before discharge allows any pollutants to be detected and prevented from entering the watercourse. Real time testing allows quick action and minimises the risk of any potential fines that might be imposed by regulatory bodies should there be any regulatory violations. The rugged AP-2000 protects the electrodes during deployment and allows all the essential parameters to be tested while it’s portable design means that the device can be easily carried between locations. You can also save money on site visits by using telemetry.

The AP-7000 self-cleaning probe can be hooked up to a telemetry device that uploads all the data online so that it can be accessed wherever and whenever you need it. If you’d like to learn more about waste water testing.

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