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B & V Effluent Services have been successfully helping brewers and distillers throughout the UK with the management of their effluent systems for nearly 30 years. As a result the B & V Effluent Team holds a vast amount of specialist knowledge in regards to the problems faced within the alcohol industry including Copper Removal from discharge water and the management and reduction of pollutant levels in general to meet discharge limits.

Some of the more common problems associated with this industry are:

  • Higher through-puts at distilleries resulting in more cleaning water.
  • Reduced water usage in cleaning programmes, leading to higher concentrations of effluent
  • High pH detergents, which give high COD loading to the effluent
  • Changes and restrictions to site’s discharge limits
  • Limitations imposed as to site’s water intake

Effective effluent management within the distillery industry is becoming more and more important for improving the cost effectiveness of their production process as well as to avoid hefty discharge fines, and the negative publicity this generates. B & V ( Effluent Services) feel that our expert technical knowledge allows us to provide the breweries and distilleries the maximum return on investment possible for their investment in waste water treatment which sets us apart from our competitors.

A key member of the B & V Effluent division is Dr Stephen Walker who specialises in the treatment of effluent within the Alcohol industry. Dr Stephen Walker has recently been praised for his presentation titled Cost-Effective Treatments for the Removal of copper in distillery Effluent Discharge, at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference (WDSC). The presentation outlined the work that Dr Walker has been carrying out to reduce the Copper discharge levels of many top Distilleries.

At B & V Effluent Services we believe we have some of the best technical knowledge in the industry which enables us to get great results for our customers. The following case study outlines some of the great results we have achieved for breweries and distilleries in the UK.

The Problem
There is a high concentration of Distilleries in the Speyside area of Scotland, most discharge their effluent water to the River Spey or ones of its tributaries. The volume and criteria for the effluent is unique for each site, taking into account their volume and impact on the river/tributary. Most now have in place discharge limits for Total Copper (Cu) of between 0.2mg/l to 0.5mg.l.

Most of the effluent plants were installed in the last century and whilst they could cope with previous discharge limits, (indeed before 2000, there was no discharge limit for Copper!) most now struggle to meet these new limits.

The focus on Copper stems from the fact that research shows that whilst Copper in a soluble form does not affect the fish in the rivers, it does effect the fish eggs even at very low concentrations and hence why the environment agency monitor this pollutant

The Solution
Working in conjunction with equipment manufacturing companies, B&V Effluent Services have put together a number of chemical treatment programmes, most of which are site specific to treat the distilleries effluent. In some cases this has been by using the existing system and just introducing a chemical treatment programme, at other sites it has been both the introduction of physical and chemical, or indeed physical, chemical and biological treatment to achieve the current and projected discharge limits, not just for Copper, but for all potential effluent pollutants.

The Result
Supporting a variety of consortiums B&V Effluent Services have been able to offer a range of chemical treatment programmes to assist a number of distilleries in meeting their current and projected discharge consents. This has not just included the reduction of Copper, but also in the reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) from both soluble and insoluble pollutants.

The Future
Fortunately in the UK and Ireland, the location of most of the distilleries does not lend themselves to having a problem with water supply. However as the Distilling Industry globally continues to grow at a pace to keep up with demand for its products then there will be further restrictions placed on individual distilleries in terms of their water usage, whether that be on extraction in the first place, or indeed on the final discharge. B&V Effluent Services are currently working with distilleries to look at small footprint treatment, such as Electro-Coagulation, and the potential for water recycling.

What we can do for you
To find more out about what B & V can do for you please send us an enquiry telling us a little about your company and your waste water problems and we will get in touch about the solutions we can provide. To do this simply fill out the enquiry form in the side bar and we will endeavour to get back to you in the next 2 working days.