B & V Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment for Breweries

B & V Effluent services have been successfully helping brewers and distillers throughout the UK with the management of their effluent systems for nearly 30 years. As a result the B & V Effluent Team holds a vast amount of specialist knowledge in regards to the problems faced within the beverage industry including the management & reduction of pollutants in general to meet discharge consents.

Some of the more common problems associated with this industry are:

  • Introduction of specialist cleaning programmes which have bespoke cleaning chemicals and as a result sites’ effluent plant unable to cope.
  • Reduced water usage in cleaning programmes, leading to higher concentrations of effluent
  • Wide variation during the day as to the effluent quality and pH
  • High pH detergents, which give high COD loading to the effluent
  • Changes and restrictions to site’s discharge limits
  • Limitations imposed as to site’s water intake
  • Limitation on site to install new equipment

Effective Effluent management within the Beverage Industry is becoming more and more important for improving the cost effectiveness of their production process as well as to avoid hefty discharge fines. B & V believe that are expert technical knowledge allows us to provide the beverage industry the maximum return on investment possible for their investment in waste water treatment which sets us apart from our competitors.

A key member of the B & V Effluent division is Dr Stephen Walker who specialises in the treatment of effluent within the beverage industry. Dr Stephen Walker has presented several informative presentations to the Institute of Brewing and Distilling on effluent treatment as well as supporting and advising brewers & beverage manufacturers when considering effluent plant upgrades.

At B & V Effluent services we believe we have some of the best technical knowledge in the industry which enables us to get great results for our customers. The following case study outlines some of the great results we have achieved for beverage industry.

The Problem
One B & V Effluent Services customer, a brewer, is one of only four main industrial sites in their local geographical area. Despite previously investing with their local water authority into the area’s sewage treatment works the water authority have now reached their own limit for the Environment Agency (EA) and are unable to expand this capacity any further. Therefore, despite the fact that several domestic building developments are going on in the area, the water authority has been increasingly placing tougher restrictions on the 4 industrial sites’ effluent discharges.

The Solution
Following a visit from B & V Effluent Services, the brewery was quickly able to install a skid mounted mobile effluent treatment plant. This has a capability of treating 3cum³ per hour of effluent. This sites discharge limit is only 40cum³ per day, so the system was more than adequate to cope with treating the sites effluent during the working day. This was particularly important as the area where the effluent plant resides is opposite residential housing.

Treatment chemicals for the process were stored with the sites general cleaning chemicals and pumped to the system, so that there are no chemical tanks along the yard.

The resulting sludge from the system was pumped into a silo, which collects solids, e.g. hops etc., from other parts of the brewing process and is collected via the sites waste management company.

The Result
Overall, the effluent plant assisted in reducing the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) discharge by 40%, and the Suspended Solids (SS) by over 90%. Both of these discharge factors contributed to a positive reduction to the breweries overall effluent charges from the local water authority. The system also helped to ensure that the site remained within its pH boundaries of 6—10.

The Future
The next step for the brewery is to further reduce the dissolved COD, associated with the sugars and other dissolved solids, which cannot be taken out by the physical/chemical process currently supplied. Although there is a very limited space to work within, B&V have identified an Electro-Coagulation (E-C) system, which they have successfully trialled with another company to removed dissolved COD, and because of the low volume (40cum3/day) the unit will fit within an existing building

What we can do for you
To find more out about what B & V can do for you please send us an enquiry telling us a little about your company and your waste water problems and we will get in touch about the solutions we can provide. To do this simply fill out the enquiry form in the side bar and we will endeavour to get back to you in the next 2 working days.