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Wastewater Treatment for Manufacturing

B & V Effluent Services have been helping the manufacturing industry with its waste water management for a number of years. This has allowed B & V Effluent Services to develop a specific skill set and technical knowledge to help us provide excellent solutions to a number of blue chip company’s within the manufacturing industry. Modern manufacturing production systems have been developed to use cleaning water more efficiently however this water for a variety of reasons brings about a series of challenges when discharged as part of a sites effluent. B & V Effluent Services experience within this industry enables us to provide solutions to all manner of issues as well looking to optimise systems and save money for our clients wherever possible.

Some of the more common problems associated with this industry are:

  • Introduction of specialist cleaning programmes which have bespoke cleaning chemicals and effluent plant unable to cope.
  • Reduced water usage in cleaning programmes, leading to higher concentrations of effluent
  • High pH detergents, which give high COD loading to the effluent
  • Changes and restrictions to site’s discharge limits
  • Limitations imposed as to site’s water intake

The following case study illustrates a classic example of how B & V Effluent Services have provided a great solution to a prestigious car manufacturer which solved the issues they were having on site as well as saving them money long term.

The Problem
One of the UK’s most prestigious car manufacturers installed a new effluent treatment system in 2008. This proved to be unsuccessful and even after spending over £100,000 on the new plant, site was still spending over £140,000 per annum on tankers to take away their effluent from the paint shop area. Site contacted B & V Effluent Services and asked for help.

The Solution
After an initial assessment a presentation was made to the site management with a proposal to gradually assess and treat the 3 waste streams. One of the main problems was that the system had been installed and therefore B & V Effluent Services had to work with an impractical system already in place. Initially changes were made to the chemical treatment programme to make the system simpler, safer and faster.

Once these changes were made the effluent treatment programme took out a high corrosive chemical (Ferric Chloride) and virtually removed the need for the use of Caustic Soda. Changes were then made to the system treatment programme which was reduced from a treatment schedule of 14 hours per 8 tonne batch to 2 hours per batch. The changes meant that instead of 1 batch per working day the system could process practically 6 x 8 tonne batches and keep up, and in most cases stay ahead, of the effluent being discharged from the various parts of the paint shop area.

Of the 3 waste streams one, of low volume but high concentration, was of major concern to site. Once the initial changes were successfully implemented, it was found that the treatment programme could be altered to bled in this problem waste stream with every main batch, as a result this additional problem waste stream was also dealt with, without the need for expensive tankering from site.

The Result
Since the changes and the successful introduction of the programme, site estimates they are saving over £40,000 per quarter (£120,000 per annum) in tankering and chemical treatment costs.

The Future
The next stage is that, because of the excellent quality of the effluent water, site is now looking at discharging the final treated water to a small filtration and Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant. This will mean site can recycle the water and reuse it in the paint shop area, saving site over £100 per day on their water bill.

What we can do for you
To find more out about what B & V can do for you please send us an enquiry telling us a little about your company and your waste water problems and we will get in touch about the solutions we can provide. To do this simply fill out the enquiry form in the side bar and we will endeavour to get back to you in the next 2 working days.