Wastewater treatment for the beverage industry - Food and Beverage - Beverage

Enterprises in the beverage industry are facing tough competition. Water consumption is one of the most significant cost factors in the sector, since water is the main ingredient of their products. In addition, bottle washing or cleaning of machines and equipment also requires enormous amounts of clean water. This is why beverage producers need a wastewater treatment system that meets these demands.

The production of soft drinks typically pollutes the process water with sugar and other easily biodegradable substances. In other branches, such as wine production, for instance, seasonal load fluctuations are of overriding importance.

DAS Environmental Expert supports beverage producers in their wastewater treatment, and helps them to lower costs for water supply and wastewater management. Lowering fresh water consumption alone, which simultaneously lowers the amount of wastewater, will enable you to save significant sums of money. The process for biological wastewater treatment by DAS Environmental Expert makes it possible, for example, to recycle the water used for washing bottles. In addition, other areas allow treating the process water so it can be circulated and used several times. Due to the system’s modular structure different partial streams of differing pollution levels can be treated individually.

Our systems for wastewater treatment utilise a particularly efficient technology – the TFR technology, which is characterised by an extremely small footprint and therefore can easily be integrated into any production facility. It is, moreover, a fully enclosed system, so there are no open basins and, thus, hygienic standards can easily be maintained at all times. Interruptions in production, during extended maintenance work, for instance, or temporary shutdowns will not damage our wastewater technology.

When moving facilities, the DAS systems can be transferred without a problem and expansions and additions of the wastewater treatment technology are possible at any time. If you are planning to move the production site before long it is worthwhile to employ mobile solutions for biological wastewater treatment in the intermediate term.