Wastewater treatment for the tourism industry - Travel & Leisure

The tourism sector lives by offering cleanliness and a comfortable environment. All guests love amenities such as pools, swimming ponds and parks, but they require high maintenance. Moreover, hotels produce domestic wastewaters as well. DAS Environmental Expert offers complete solutions for biological wastewater treatment for hotels and resorts.

DAS Environmental Expert systems for biological wastewater treatment have a modular concept and provide space-saving and ecological solutions for wastewater treatment and water recycling. The process enables the cleaning of wastewaters from the sanitary area, pools and swimming ponds sustainably in an environmentally friendly way and without chemicals. The process is cost-efficient for arid regions in particular, since the discharged water can be used for irrigation of parks and lawns.

Seasonal Fluctuations Overburden Old Wastewater Treatment Plants

Seasonal fluctuations typical for hotels often overburden older wastewater treatment plants. Off-season the biological degradation capacity necessarily declines. During the main season, stream volume and biological load of inflowing wastewater again increase. Depending on the time of the year, adaptation of the degradation capacity usually takes place over several weeks. During this time legal requirements for discharge values cannot be met and cost-saving direct discharge into surface waters or odour-free irrigation of lawns become impossible.

The only alternative to this situation is either upgrading the system with elaborate and maintenance-intensive automation technology or refitting the plant with long-term more cost-effective systems for wastewater treatment that are able to handle the requirements of the tourism industry.

DAS solutions are self-contained, clean systems for wastewater treatment that can easily be integrated into pre-existing processes. They clean the wastewater, disinfect it and process it so that it can be used for irrigation of parks and lawns. Inflow-fluctuations due to seasonal changes do not pose a problem. DAS Environmental Expert wastewater systems can be put into cycle mode and maintain their biological degradation capacity for several months. The technology integrates pre- and post treatment steps and is characterised by low energy consumption and low operating costs. Upon request, DAS Environmental Expert offers a complete service that includes maintenance and operation of your wastewater treatment plant.

  • Automated adaptation to fluctuating pollution and volume levels
  • Safe and reliable treatment below capacity
  • Self-contained, clean systems
  • Minimum energy demand and investment cost
  • Compact system that can be stored in the basement
  • Competent DAS service available

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Holiday villages
  • Hostels and mountain cabins
  • Restaurants
  • Country clubs
  • National parks