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Wastewater treatment management for domestic waste water reuse industry - Water and Wastewater

Increasing population growth and urbanization rates across the world are placing increasing stress on clean water resources and making it more imperative to treat domestic waste water. Additionally, rising water costs due to increasing water scarcity and implementation of tighter environmental regulations to reduce waste water discharge limits are requiring municipal domestic wastewater treatment operators to seek innovative and efficient domestic wastewater treatment solutions. Genesis Water Technologies provides these specialized modular treatment solutions to assist municipalities and communities in reducing your waste water footprint, decreasing operational costs, while increasing domestic waste water quality to maintain regulatory compliance.

Waste water quality management and applicable waste water reuse strategies will need to be implemented especially in developing nations across Africa, Asia and Latin America to reduce the alarming rate of water pollution by domestic wastewater in these regions.

Genesis Water Technologies partners with experienced local and international construction/project management companies to work together with your community to provide complete modular domestic wastewater treatment system solutions including design, engineering, building, installation and support. These system solutions are optimized to meet the critical challenges facing your communities waste water treatment operations.

In other cases our chemical free domestic wastewater treatment solutions can also be retrofitted to enable optimized performance of existing system processes to meet your needs for operational expansion where existing processes are not sufficient for current or future growth.

  • Environmentally Friendly solutions designed to meet established standards for discharge limits or non potable water reuse applications
  • Modular domestic wastewater treatment solutions optimized for reliability, sustainability, and performance
  • System Solution Design & Consulting Services
  • Technical Support and Consumables Programs to Maintain Optimized System Performance

We look forward to working together with your organization to contribute positively to the social, environmental, health and economic well-being of your communities throughout the USA and across the world.