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Wastewater treatment management for domestic waste water reuse industry - Water and Wastewater

Increasing population growth and urbanization rates across the world are placing increasing stress on clean water resources and making it more imperative to treat domestic waste water. Additionally, rising water costs due to increasing water scarcity and implementation of tighter environmental regulations to reduce waste water discharge limits are requiring municipal domestic wastewater treatment operators to seek innovative and efficient domestic wastewater treatment solutions. Genesis Water Technologies provides these specialized modular treatment solutions to assist municipalities and communities in reducing your waste water footprint, decreasing operational costs, while increasing domestic waste water quality to maintain regulatory compliance.

Waste water quality management and applicable waste water reuse strategies will be required to be implemented especially in developing nations across Africa, Asia and Latin America to reduce the alarming rate of water scarcity and water pollution by domestic wastewater discharge into drinking water supply sources in these regions.

Genesis Water Technologies can manufacture and supply specific system solutions to be integrated into a complete system solution or retrofitted into an existing system to optimize system performance.

Alternatively, we have also taken the role of technical partner with a qualified local EPC partner to provide a turnkey system solution for your community, town or city.

Our proven municipal water treatment solutions are designed, engineered, and built to meet or exceed US EPA and World Health Organization (WHO) standards for drinking water and waste water applications serving municipalities and communities, humanitarian and non governmental clients.

We have the expertise to provide these specialized solutions to municipal authorities and humanitarian organizations throughout the world to alleviate problems associated with water scarcity and drinking water-related health issues including water borne disease.

For applications including:

  • Potable Drinking Water
  • Domestic Waste water treatment

Our Solutions Offer You:

  • Optimized Management of Water
  • Modular Design for Environmental Footprint Reduction
  • Lower Operating & Maintenance Costs
  • Simple Integration into existing and new facilities
  • Regulatory Compliance

Genesis Water Technologies provides maximum flexibility and value for our clients and local partners around the world to assist them in dealing with environmental compliance issues and the challenges associated with water scarcity.

Specialized Technologies include:

Drinking Water Technologies

  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination (Sea Water & Brackish Water Sources)
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiber Prefiltration Technology
  • Specialized Electrocoagulation
  • Specialized Filtration Systems
  • ZeoTurb medium
  • Disinfection (UV, Chlorination, Advanced Oxidation)
  • Remineralization

Waste Water Treatment Technologies

  • Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)
  • Primary Filtration
  • Specialized Electrocoagulation
  • Disinfection / Advanced Oxidation
  • Tertiary Filtration (Water Reuse) (Reverse Osmosis, Specialized Filtration)

Genesis Water Technologies provides technical support agreements and system consumables agreements for our water treatment solutions including:

  • Filtration medias (Anthracite, GWT Zeolite, Calcite, Activated Carbon, KDF, Sand)
  • Membranes / Membrane Vessels
  • Filter Cartridges
  • Resins
  • RO Anti-scalant chemicals