Water and Wastewater Equipment for Water & Wastewater Treatment

For over 30 years, Water and Wastewater Equipment Company has been providing efficient, cost-effective and compliant solutions to water and wastewater treatment applications, all the way from small batch systems to continuous-flow systems treating 500,000 gallons per day. Our technical analysts and designers are experienced in every phase of wastewater treatment – from fabrication, installation and laboratory testing – to systems management.

Water and Wastewater Equipment Company services multiple industries and can provide assistance to operations including platers, e-coaters, powder coaters, steel processors, and some mining industries.  We provide the equipment necessary to bring your facility into regulatory compliance with our wastewater effluent streams. Our turn-key wastewater treatment systems are in daily use throughout North America.

Whether you are looking for new, used or reconditioned wastewater treatment equipment – we have clarifiers, filter presses, sludge dryers, sand filters, mixers, pumps, and storage tanks to suit a range of wastewater treatment applications.