Water Data Management Solution for Dam Safety - Energy - Hydro Power

Manage information from many different sources when managing data collected at Dams, Levees and other impoundments. Only with the help of specialized software from KISTERS is it possible to compile the key data in such a way that a reliable decision tool is available at all times.

  • Archive and manage data from different sources (automatic and manual registering measuring device banks, process control systems, manual collection during observation and checking trips, remote calls, external data, data archives…).
  • Pre-configured monitoring parameters for structural monitoring
  • Unparalleled data security and audit trail capabilities
  • Validation of measured and structural data, both automatic and manual using powerful graphical and tabular tools.
  • Statistical and assessment procedures and calculation rules (ex. REMR Score, extreme value statistics, duration curves, trend analyses, long-term values) of international standard may be integrated.
  • Display environmental maps, structural and overview plans or photos into the GUI using the integrated Map module or meta data management tools.

  • Collect data from ALL of your dam instrumentation including Piezometers, Inclinometers, Bore Hole Extensometers and more.
  • KISTERS solutions become a central data silo that can be shared with other departments without having to share the access to specialized data.
  • An internal programming interface for project specific extensions is available.
  • Perform automated or ad-hoc regulatory reporting with its powerful report editing capabilities.
  • Flexible data import and export functionality to facilitate data sharing with others. Forwarding, processing and integration of data or assessments in external formats (ex. MS Excel, PDF, RTF, BMP, JPG, PNG) or in any type of document (ex. Word file) is available.
  • Web-enable your monitoring solution!